Elite C3 Light Bar

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Versatile and functional, the Elite C3 Light Bar lets you individually direct three spot lights forward and/or back, above or below your tower. The light bars are perfect for night time loading and unloading, docking, and trailering. The 3 watt HP LED housings have been upgraded to a more durable black ABS plastic. Mounted using the included universal clamp, the Elite C3 light bar increases longevity, decreases power draw, and will fit most towers on the market. 

Product Highlights

  • Brushed aluminum finish
  • Universal clamp
  • Three 3W HP LED lamps
  • Dual speakon quick connectors
  • Mounts front or back
  • Lights rotate to face front or back
  • Polycarbonate LED lenses
Collections: Accessories Vendors: Roswell SKU: C910-5010