R1 650.4 Amplifier

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The R1 650.4 marine-grade amplifier, made by Roswell, is everything your boats audio system has always wanted. These stackable amplifiers utilize a 4-channel Class-D design, that puts out 100 watts RMS per channel at 4Ω, and are perfect for powering your R1 6.5″ in-boat speaker setup.  Easily bridge & tune with the calibrated crossover controls. Because LEDs create lots of noise issues, this amp features differential RCA inputs for maximum noise rejection. The R1 650.4 is built with fully conformal-coated PCB’s and nickel-plated marine-grade wire terminals to ensure their quality.

Ch 1-4 calibrated crossover (FULL/HPF/LPF) lit logo power indicator lets you know your amp is receiving power
Bridgeable 4-channel design Marine-grade durability
2 Ohm Stable at 165 watts per channel Space-saving Stackable Design
Switchable Differential RCA inputs minimize interference and induced noise High-Efficiency Class-D Topology
Conformal-coated PCBs Nickel-plated wire terminals
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