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Roswell Wake Air Launches Certified Installer Program

Roswell Australia held its first Certified Installer Training Day on March 7 as we continue the roll out of our Dealer and Certified Installer Network across Aus. We were stoaked to have Jeremy Edger from Roswell USA on hand to conduct the training with the first of the certified installers in attendance from Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

 Jeremy was keen to explain the concept behind the installer approach for Roswell Australia. “Just supplying the best wake accessories and audio equipment does not complete our customer service offer. We also provide qualified technicians available across the country. This gives the customer further support via after sales service to ensure the product is fitted correctly and safely. The customer can have total confidence when purchasing a product from Roswell.”

“Each certified Installer is fully trained in regards to product features, correct installation and audio tuning techniques that achieve the best sound from our equipment. This level of after sales service is not available from any of our competitors. We don’t just want to be the most innovative wake accessory manufacturer, we want customers to feel they have received the best care when purchasing our products as well.”

We will continue to develop our dealer network with more training days scheduled throughout the year. All enquires for dealers and customers can be made on (02) 9525 1223.

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