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Roswell Wake-Air rides its wave How one man's love for a sport spawned an international businessBy: Barbara Righton    From: Business without Borders  Date: Thursday March 21st, 2013 Even for the uninitiated, it's easy to imagine that wakeboarding had its genesis in California. Cutting back and forth behind a sleek boat and using its waves to launch high-flying tricks seems tailor made for the sun and surf culture. (It is also said to have been invented Down Under when a water skier used a snowboard behind a boat, initially dubbing the sport "skurfing.") More improbable is that a hockey-playing teenager who...

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Roswell Australia held its first Certified Installer Training Day on March 7 as we continue the roll out of our Dealer and Certified Installer Network across Aus. We were stoaked to have Jeremy Edger from Roswell USA on hand to conduct the training with the first of the certified installers in attendance from Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.  Jeremy was keen to explain the concept behind the installer approach for Roswell Australia. “Just supplying the best wake accessories and audio equipment does not complete our customer service offer. We also provide qualified technicians available across the country. This gives...

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