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Roswell is proud to announce the release of the world's first patent pending magnetic board rack swivel. A true OEM upgrade to any Roswell board racks, its simplicity and ease of use is what makes this swivel a piece of genius. Featuring a brushed anodized body and stainless steel hardware, it has 2 locking positions and works with any Roswell designed square swivel mount (includes the Aviator, AVX, FCT-3, 200, G21, G23, G25, 210, 230 and S Bend towers). The MAG Swivel's magnetic technology offers a smooth and easy to use operation for any age. 

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Roswell Wake Air Australia is pleased to announce the launch of The Aviator Tower. Roswell's first completely universal tower design in 8 years.The Aviator is packed with premium and industry proven OEM features designed for the ultimate wakeboarding experience. Featuring Roswell's patented cam latch and handle system that helps make folding the Aviator quick and easy while providing a solid folding joint. Also included is an updated and improved mounting technology with a simplified low-profile universal mounting system that can be top or side mounted, enabling the Aviator to accommodate beam widths ranging from 86" to 104". The Aviator is...

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Hey, So for everyone wondering what's with the new Tab at the top of the website, we have just launched Roswell Australia's new Email Newsletter. I recommend checking it out. Don't worry, there wont be 50 emails a day clogging up your inbox while your trying to work, we hate Spam too! It'll be pretty much once or twice a month, just keeping you up to date with the latest products and discounts on offer and all of our favorite pics and videos... And you can unsubscribe at anytime..    

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